Donald Trump calls out India, China for taking advantage of developing nation tag, asks WTO to treat the US fairly: India and China have already become developed nations, said US President Donald Trump on Tuesday. While addressing a gathering at Pennsylvania, Trump said that both the countries were taking advantage of the tag, developing countries, given by the World Trade Organisation (WTO). He further asserted that he would not let it happen anymore and urged the WTO to treat the US fairly.

While alluding to WTO’s developing nation tag for India and China, the US President said that both the countries were taking advantage for years, adding the countries could not take benefit from the WTO anymore as it is putting the US to disadvantage.

Trump has always been a hard-boiled nitpicker of India’s trade policy. In the past too, he called out on India for levying high tariffs on US product and called the country a “tariff king”. On the other hand, China and the US currently went through a trade war after Trump imposed punitive tariffs on Chinese goods.

Earlier in July, Trump had questioned the WTO to define its process that how it designates developing-country status. His aim was to highlight the perks being enjoyed by countries like China, Turkey and India under the global trade rules. The WTO is a Geneva-based intergovernmental organisation that controls international trade between nations. 

Trump is known for advocating America First Policy and has recently strengthened its US Trade Representative (USTR) with an aim to take action against advanced economies who have been taking advantages of the WTO loopholes.

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