Holi is a great festival of fun, joy and harmony. This two day festival brings an opportunity to solve all disputes, forget all grudges and embrace everyone with love and bliss. Due to the busy schedule and long distances, it becomes quite difficult to reach everyone’s place to celebrate Holi. In that case, social media comes as an option to fill all the gaps and send delightful wishes and blessings to your loved ones on this amazing festival of immense happiness. Only amusing rhymes and long paragraphs are not enough, some colourful images can do better. That is why we have to bring all these gif images, photos, HD wallpapers for you, send them to your loved ones and spread the joy.

We Indians cannot exclude food on any occasion. There are several foods on different occasions, but sweets are compulsory. A lot of delicacies like gujiya, laddoo, gulab jamun, barfi are served on this festival to all. Music is the best way to have a blast on Holi. There are numerous songs made by Bollywood to celebrate Holi. Every year people play these songs to have a bash. Thandaayi is one of the most famous drinks, served especially on the occasion of Holi. Some people also mix bhaang in the drink in order to make their Holi celebration a little trippy. Holi is a festival celebrated by everyone irrespective of their caste and religion. From rich to poor, children to elders, everyone celebrates the festival of colours with great enthusiasm.

In the glory of Holi, don’t forget to take care of your skin. Avoid using the colours which are made of toxic chemicals, they will cause deep damage to your skin. You might have to deal with pimples, rashes and allergies. Celebrate the festival with natural colours extracted from flowers. Enjoy Holi with required precautionary measures. Have a safe and cheerful Holi.

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