On Friday morning, Darjeeling witnessed some fresh clashes between the police and the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) supporters. In the clashes, one police officer, one GJM supporter were reported to be killed, around 3-4 officers were said be severely injured. According to reports, the GJM supporters are said to be the followers of Bimal Gurung. The Friday unrest in Darjeeling is being reported after a 16-day shutdown was called-off.

The fresh clashes are said to be taking place in Darjeeling’s Takvar area, inside a forest at Lapchey Bustee, about 20 km from the town. According to reports, Bimal Gurung is believed to be in the forest area near Lapchey Bustee. Gurung is said to be the most wanted man for the Mamata Banerjee government. Bimal Gurung is currently facing charges under UA(P)A against him and a few of his lieutenants.

According to reports, the clashes between the GJM supporters and the police began when the officials had gone to raid the hideout. Following retaliation from the supporters, the clashes broke-out in which at least 3-4 police officials were reported to be injured. In heavy cross firing, one GJM worker and one policeman are feared to have been killed.

Previously on September, Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) announced the role-back of thri indefinite shutdown in the region. The roll-back came into effect after the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh made an appeal to the GJM and its president Bimal Gurung to end the strike as it has adversely affected the atmosphere of the hill state and like any other strong democracy, the procedure should be carried forward with dialogue and not action.

Darjeeling had been facing shutdowns, clashes for over 3-months now, with Gorkha community gaining support over the demand of separate Gorkhaland. Earlier, the Gorkha Movement Coordination committee (GMMC) had shifted the blame onto Mamata government, accusing them of not making sincere efforts to maintain peace in the land.