The sanitation drive ‘Manam Mana parishubhratha’ has been receiving a lot of praise from across the state. While the world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic for the last six months, the sanitation drive launched by the Panchayat Raj and the Rural Development Department under the leadership of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, comprehensively worked on the face of the villages and living conditions of people with a focus on sanitation and basic amenities like clean drinking water. Efforts were made majorly to prevent seasonal diseases in the respective towns.

Speaking further on the numbers, the AP Sanitation drive resulted in the lowest numbers in 2020, when compared to 2019.


June To August, 2019 – 8988 CASES.
June to August, 2020 : 355 cases.



June To August, 2019: 1203 cases.
June To August, 2020 : 601 cases.



June To August, 2019: 944 cases
June To August, 2020: 24



June to august, 2019: 1,11,685
June to august, 2020: 20,355


The sanitation program is now being implemented in 1,320 selected villages in 13 districts, covering 5.50 lakh households in the state. For the last three months, sanitation works were carried out in each town. Not only do the sanitation workers deal with the cleaning and disposal of wastes, but local representatives were also recruited as members, and an awareness campaign was created on sanitation in every house on every street in the village. Any problems are solved in coordination with the local authorities in the respective villages.

Meanwhile, the people across the state appreciated the government’s initiative. The Panchayat Raj and rural development were always on the lookout for seasonal diseases while maintaining their village sanitation. Close to 15,000 problems have been solved through this program. Officials of the Central Rural Development Department are also looking into the implementation of such a similar program. However, the program, which was launched with the foresight of AP CM YS Jagan to bring a sense of urgency and public participation, will be successful in rural areas with the continuous efforts of the authorities. People are happy with the program as the severity of the disease has been declining.