The craze for a selfie is unending. There also have been several reports where passion for taking an extraordinary selfie has claimed many lives. Recently, a man was sent to prison was clicking a selfie but it was not just an ordinary selfie. In a case being reported from Madhya Pradesh, a police trainee at Umaria was arrested by the police after he was caught drunk sitting on session judge’s chair and clicking selfies. What’s more interesting is that no one at the government office noticed a stranger entering judge’s chamber and roaming around for hours. As per reports, the incident took place on June 30.

The accused was later identified as 28-year-old Ram Avtar Rawat, a trainee at the police academy in Umaria. Since the incident took place on Saturday, there were a few government employees present at the office and also the judge was not present in his chambers.

Further disclosing the matter, a peon from the office said that he saw the man wandering around and caught hold of him. The peon then questioned the man if he had an appointment or knew someone from the office. Failing to get satisfactory answers, the peon then informed the police.

Acting swiftly on the complaint, the police rushed to the spot and arrested the man. As per police reports, the accused was a police trainee. Confessing his crime to the police, Ram Rawat said that the judge’s chamber was open and no one was present inside the office so he decided to sit on judge’s chair and click selfies for his social media account.

The trainee was arrested for trespassing by the police. However, he was later granted bail. There is still no update if Rawat has been suspended from police training academy.

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