Friday, September 30, 2022

DU rescheduled its practical examination for the rise in covid cases

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Delhi University administration has given colleges permission to reschedule practical examinations for students with the virus because of an increase in daily Covid cases during the examination season.

Beginning May 11, Delhi University will hold its first offline tests for ‘even semester’ students since the outbreak of the pandemic. Until now, all examinations have been administered in an online open-book format.

Colleges have been holding practical assessments in the lead-up to the offline exams. However, in light of the increase in cases, Dean Examinations Diwan Rawat has written to institutions, advising them to be flexible when conducting practical examinations.

While practicals are typically completed before theory examinations, colleges have been given permission to perform them after theory examinations if necessary.

For the past four days, Delhi has been recording over 1,000 cases per day, with a positive rate of above 4%.

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