While India has been reeling under the pressure of constant decline of Indian Rupee against the US Dollar, contraceptive manufacturer Durex saw a brighter side to it and further asked people to follow it. We all have seen the way Durex campaigns, remember Ranveer Singh’s Durex ad with a peppy track that was played way more than any of his movie songs. Recently, while India was dealing with despair after Indian Rupee fell to the mark of 69 against the Dollar, Durex asked everyone to relax as even though Indian Rupee had failed to perform in this ‘sex’ position, Indians can easily perform 69 with Durex. The condom brand also shared a link of their e-commerce outlet.

India is currently reeling under the pressure of cutting down fuel imports from Iran, high crude oil prices and also the ongoing trade wars. Now, with Indian Rupee falling to a new low, the condom brand, Durex, couldn’t help but take a dig at it.

For Durex, these kind cheeky remarks are not new. the brand, in fact, is known for it’s out of the box advertisements. For instance, recently on Father’s Day, Durex shared a tweet where he played with the emotions of fathers but left the bachelors with a huge smile. In the post, the manufacturer wished father’s Day to all those who used its competitor’s products.

Apart from taking a dig father’s Day, Durex made sure its Earth Day and Candy Crush tweets don’t go unnoticeable. Earlier, while there were reports of Earth to coming to an end on December 21, 2012, Durex launched one of its sex tox said that the end of the world shouldn’t be the only thing ‘coming’.

Earlier, Manforce also tried to take a dig with launching an ad campaign with Sunny lLeoneduring Navratri season but it didn’t end well and laned the brand into a legal soup.

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