Election Commission okays use of indelible ink for quarantine stamping on Wednesday. Earlier, only EC was allowed to use the ink during the election so that they could mark the finger of the voter. The famed indelible ink that is used by the Election Commission to colour people’s left index fingers so that they don’t turn up to vote again will be used to stamp people under home quarantine. This is basically the proof of the voting by the voter. The ink is now allowed for stamping because people are easily removing the current stamp and roaming around.

The indelible ink is a semi-permanent ink that stays at a finger for a certain time period. It leaves automatically after some time and does not leave an impression of it. The ink does not manufacture in the common factories, only certified companies are allowed. The EC permitted the usage but after a few guidelines. First of all the administration has been instructed not to put the Ink on the left hand and not to mark any of the fingers. Because EC marks thefinger of the left hand during the voting, so to avoid the confusion it has been asked from the concerened authority.

The second most important guideline shared by the EC is that the authorities have to specify the design and the place of the impression so that it can be easily identified. Also, the election commission would not use this mark and impression place later in any election. It has been instructed not to put the Ink on the nails and also it should be used for any other purpose. Indelible ink only lasts for 3 days on the skin.

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