Elections 2018 Exit Poll for Rajasthan, MP, Chhattisgarh, Mizoram, Telangana: The contest for 2019 general elections for the Lok Sabha got more than a bit interesting with more than three exit polls forecasting a change in government in key BJP-ruled states, if exit polls are to be believed. Anti-incumbency seems to have weighed very hard on the BJP particularly in Rajasthan and in Madhya Pradesh. Though extrapolation of assembly election exit polls may not reflect a true picture ahead for the 2019 general elections, the Congress seems to have its stake cut out in providing an alternative, either by itself or by hitching up alliances in states where it is decisively on the backfoot: like Chhattisgarh as per exit poll data today. The Telangana predictions also indicate a groundswell of support for an anti-TRS regime, the Congress will only have itself to blame if it can not play the second fiddle in Andhra Pradesh to the ruling TDP which is in alliance with it in Telangana. In the other states of the south, the Congress’s job seems to be playing second fiddle to the DMK in Tamil Nadu, the CP-M in Kerala and the JD(S) in Karnataka, if it has to position itself as a coalition leader that can challenge the Narendra Modi-led NDA in 2019. The BJP needs to take a hard look at its policies if the voters will buy its development plank which is supported by cow-slaughter and Ram Temple issues. December 11 will give us a far clearer picture.

The exit poll figures have rolled out before official results for the recently concluded 2018 Assembly elections come in. Election results for five states – Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan, Mizoram, Chhatisgarh – will be declared on December 11, but numbers from Exit Polls will tell you which political party is going to win the 2019 semifinal. The Election Commission had banned all exit polls till 5.30 pm on Friday on the election to the Legislative Assemblies of the said states. The election in Chhattisgarh was held in two phases while in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Mizoram it was held in a single-phase manner. Both Rajasthan and Telangana witnessed peaceful polling today amid sporadic incidents of EVM malfunctioning. Most of the top TV channels of the country including NewsX are going to release their exit poll data that have been carefully prepared with the help of best poll agencies.

Given below are the exit poll results of Assembly Elections 2018:

Congress will emerge victorious in 112 seats in Madhya Pradesh: NewsX

– NewsX has predicted that Congress will emerge victorious in 112 seats in Madhya Pradesh while the BJP will get 106 seats.
– On the other hand, TimesNow-CNX exit poll says BJP is going to witness a landslide victory in Madhya Pradesh with 126 seats while the Congress will become the second largest party in the state with 89 seats.
– Exit poll conducted by ABP News forecasts that the Congress will bag 109 seats and the BJP 84.
– India Today TV-AXIS says the Congress may garner 104-122 seats in Madhya Pradesh while the BJP will occupy the top position with 102-120 seats.
– Republic TV exit poll predicts 108-128 for the BJP and 95-115 seats for the Congress
– News24-Pace Media exit poll says Congress will be the winner in Madhya Pradesh with 110-120 seats while the BJP will manage to bag 98-108 seats.

BJP (43) slightly ahead of Congress (40) in Chhattisgarh: iTV-Neta-NewsX

– NewsX predicts that BJP will bag 43 seats and the Congress 40 seats in Chhattisgarh.
– TimesNow exit poll says the BJP will maintain a slight lead ahead of Congress with 46 seats while the latter will get 35 seats. The poll also says that the Mayawati-led BSP will win in 7 seats.
– India TV predicts 42-50 seats for the BJP, 32-38 seats for the Congress and 6-8 seats for the BSP
– According to the India Today TV exit poll, the BJP will win in 21-31 seats while the Congress will win in 55-65 seats. It is still not clear how many seats the BSP or Independents will manage to bag.
-News24-Pace Media sees Congress’ victory in 45-51 assembly seats in Chhattisgarh. It says BJP will celebrate victory only in 36-42 seats.
– Republic TV forecasts that Congress will win in 40-50 seats, BJP 35-43 seats, BSP and others 3- 7 seats
– Jan Ki Baat exit poll says the BJP will win more assembly seats (40-48) in Chhattisgarh than the Congress (37-43). The BSP and others may register their victory in 5-6 seats.

It’s advantage TRS in Telangana

– NewsX: Congress will get 46 seats, BJP 6, TRS 57 and others 10
– TimesNow: Congress will get 37 seats, BJP 7, TRS 66 and other 9 seats
– India Today TV: Congress will get 21-33 seats, BJP 1-3 seats, TRS 79-91 seats and
– Republic TV: Congress will get 38-52 seats, BJP 4-7 seats, TRS 50-65 seats and others 8-14 seats

Congress to bag 105 seats in Rajasthan

– According to the iTV-Neta-NewsX Exit Poll, the Congress is going to bag 105 seats, the BJP 85 and the BSP will get 2 seats in Rajasthan.
– According to the NewsX exit poll, the Congress will win in 112 seats against BJP’s 80. The poll says other regional political parties will bag 7 seats
– TimesNow says Congress will bag 105, BJP 85, BSP 2 and others will manage to win in 7 seats in Rajasthan.
– India Today TV predicts 119-141 seats for the Congress and 55-72 seats for the BJP

MNF will take a lead in Mizoram: NewsX-Neta

– NewsX-NETA: The Mizo National Front (MNF) will take a lead in Mizoram by bagging 19 seats, while Congress will win 15 and 6 seats will remain for others.
– Republic TV: The Mizo National Front (MNF) will get 16-20 seats, ZPM 3-7 seats and others 3 seats

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