Sunday, August 14, 2022

Ex-judges, military veterans slam ‘open letter’ against PM Modi on hate politics

After a group of 108 former civil officials accused BJP governments of practising hate politics in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a group of former judges, bureaucrats, and military services veterans drafted a rebuttal response, according to ANI.

An open letter to the prime minister was signed by eight former judges, 97 retired officials, and 92 veterans of the military services in response to the Constitutional Conduct Group’s message (CCG).

A group of former judges and bureaucrats has responded to another group of ex-bureaucrats who voiced worries about “politics of hate” in an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing it of attempting to affect public opinion and engaging in “virtue signaling.”

The signatories, who identify as ‘Concerned Citizens,’ claim that the Constitutional Conduct Group’s letter to PM Modi was motivated by ulterior motives.

“The letter was the group’s way to let out its frustration against the public opinion which remains solidly behind Modi,” the signatories said, citing the Bharatiya Janata Party’s recent electoral wins in the assembly elections to four of five states.

“Their ‘anger and anguish’ is not only empty virtue-signaling, they are actually fueling the politics of hate they seek to combat by attempting to engineer hate against the present government with their patent prejudices and false portrayals,” the counter letter read.

The Concerned Citizens organisation called attention to the “striking resemblance between the phraseology of the CCG missives and comments in the Western media or by Western agencies,” calling the CCG’s message biassed with evident ideological underpinnings.

The 197 signatories also criticized the CCG for its apparent “silence” on post-election violence in West Bengal.

“It lays bare their cynical and unprincipled approach to issues,” the group alleged.

“The same attitude shapes their reactions (or rather the lack of any reaction) to the multiple violent incidents in various states ruled by different political parties and targeted violation of human rights adversely affecting the livelihoods of the poor irrespective of their religion,” it said.

In an open letter, the Consitutional Conduct Group had said, “We are witnessing a frenzy of hate filled destruction in the country where at the sacrificial altar are not just Muslims and members of the other minority communities but the Constitution itself”.

In the counter-letter, the ‘Concerned Citizens’ group advised the former civil servants against “orchestrating a false narrative of colourable use of state power”.

The counter letter alleged that the other group’s real intention is to foster a counter-narrative against the “premeditated attacks on peaceful processions during Hindu festivals, be it in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat or New Delhi”.

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