Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Exclusive: ‘I’m 100% with my family and Congress’: Robert Vadra announces entry into active politics

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A day before we get to know the mandate of voters in poll-bound states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Manipur, Goa and Uttarakhand, Robert Vadra joins NewsX’s Urvashi Khona for an exclusive interview. In the interview, Vadra has opened up about his entry into politics.

When asked about the speculations of him entering active politics and contesting 2024 elections, Robert said, “I am very proud of how Priyanka is handling the safety of women in UP. She is doing a march today and a lot of people have joined. I think first time in UP, a lot of women are coming out and seeing a leader who can keep them safe, give them a job and give them opportunities. About me, there has been a lot of demand and quest for me to join politics. I think it also generates from all the social work I do but my social work has no links to politics. I have been doing it for 10 years. If I wanted to join politics then I wouldn’t have taken me 10 years to say this. I have been campaigning with the family since 1999 for my mother-in-law Sonia jee, for Rahul or with Priyanka. A lot of people from different areas have come to me and said that we see that you are very comfortable around all these people from the rural side. You sit on charpai, have tea, fresh milk from cows and buffaloes and they feel that you are always pleasant with them, you understand their issues and bridge it by telling them the actual thing. A lot of people have demanded why don’t you represent us and we’ll also get some progress in our areas. As I said, I am a people’s person, I am from a business background and I have met people from several backgrounds.”

He added, “A lot of people said that all your issues will be sidelined if you join another party. I laugh at them and thank them seeing good in me. There is a demand from every side. I think I’m 100% with my family and Congress. With their consent, I will take my first step in politics and if people see that I can bring some benefit then I will start my progress. I don’t know where it’ll contest from  because I’m from Moradabad and there is a lot of ancestral business there. As a child, I worked in factories because my father wanted to me to understand the labour, how they sit, eat and drink and mix with them. Politics requires you to be totally focused. You cannot do business and politics so I would have to do double the amount of work,which I will do with all my abilities and do everything I can for the people.”

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