From monopoly to pizza dough, there have been all sorts of debates and arguments around the farm laws, and the protests that are being carried out by the farmers smearing in anger. Farm laws have been called ‘Black Laws’ by a lot of people, while some think that these laws are exactly the reforms that the Indian agriculture sector always needed.

However, the real issues and the solutions to them is what is being talked about the least. Even after rounds of talks with the union ministers, farmer protests in the national capital have continued to intensify. In fact, the farmers have pledged to escalate their protests even further as centre’s proposal of amending the much-debated farm laws has already been rejected by them.

Experts suggest that there is a deadlock situation as farmers are not putting their trust in the government and thus, all the conversations that the centre is holding with the farmers are not resulting in any breakthroughs. As per expert sources, in order to come to a solution, both government and farmers will have to communicate better. Currently, the farmers are being a little more stubborn as they clearly rejected governments proposal of amending the laws in their interest.

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The government will have to offer something more than just amending the laws to appease the protesting farmers and the farmers will also have to amend their demand of asking to repeal the three laws.

Not just the issues around the laws, but the protesting farmers are facing the deadly winter of Delhi. Farmers from the states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana had started marching towards the national capital to protest against centre’s farm laws.

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