Farmers demonstrating against the newly passed farm bills said that they will send emails to British Members of Parliament of Sikh origin. The emails will request the MP’s to have Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s visit to India as chief guest for the Republic Day cancelled unless the farmers’ demands are met.

Analysts suggest that this move is nothing more than an attempt at damaging relations between India and Britain, under the guise of advancing the farmers’ protests. Foreign elements may also be involved in swaying the farmers.

A total of 5 Sikh origin MPs have seats in the House of Commons. These are Virendra Sharma, Seema Malhotra, Peet Kaur Gill, Gagan Mohindra, Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi and Seema Malhotra. Britain, similar to Canada, houses a considerable Sikh population.

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Farmers’ leader Kulwant Singh Sandhu said that since the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be visiting India on January 26, 2021, as chief guest for the Republic Day, they will be writing to British MPs, hoping they will stop him from coming to India in case their demands are not met.

Protests in Delhi have been going on for almost a month now and some foreign officials voiced their support for the farmers and their demands. The protesting farmers are also taking measures to garner even more International attention. Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that he hopes for the protests to end soon so the farm laws can begin to be enacted.

Earlier negotiations between the government and protest leaders resulted in the government offering to modify the laws as per the farmers. However, the leaders demanded that the laws be repealed altogether.

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