Remember Fawad Hussain Chaudhary? Don’t worry, nobody knows him, but he rules the internet with his attention-grabbing tactics. He’s no less than the KRK of Pakistan, but unlike KRK he is (unfortunately) a political figure in Pakistan.

He was once again in news for his infamous comments, this time against India. Soon after India confirmed that they lost communication with lander Vikram, the Pakistan minister poured in his invaluable commentary on how India failed. Well, for some time his remarks did affect many people as he called India incompetent and what not. But then, there came a moment when people realized that the person talking trash about India was himself the butt of jokes in Pakistan.

Imagine a person who nobody gives a damn about in Pakistan trolling the prowess of Indian scientists and questioning their calibre. Does he deserve the attention being given right now? CERTAINLY NOT.

Take a look at how Pakistanis look upto (read troll) him:



He said India could reach moon only via Bollywood and would need another 100 crores to accomplish the target. He went on saying that Indian scientists failed because they relied on Jotshi (astrologer) and delayed the mission. Not just India, but Pakistan too left no stone unturned in lashing out at him.

Among those who have heaped praises on Chandrayaan-2 from Pakistan is country’s first female astronaut Namira Salim who congratulated the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for its soft landing attempt in the south pole. She said Chandrayaan-2 was certainly a giant leap for the whole of South Asia and added that India’s moon mission made the global space industry proud.

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