Wednesday, August 10, 2022

First e-tractor for farming and factory purpose launched in Hyderabad

we don’t know when the petro prices goes up and down. The prices of the diesel is now a days equalent to diesel and burdensome to public and they are very pollutant and dangerous to environment too. One Hyderabadi start up puts full stop to all these problems. Hyderabad head quartered start up Cellestial E mobility rolled out a new and first of its kind E tractor in Taj Banjara hotel in the city. It has a long lasting swapping batteries and the power is equivalent to traditional diesel tractor. The start up has got investment from Singapore based angel NRI.
Unveiling the prototype of E-tractor in the city of Hyderabad. The tractor is zero emission environment friendly tractor for horticultural and green house works or moving goods within factories or warehouses and to haul baggage in airports. Cellestial E mobility start up developed this tractor. It looks smart. Siddhartha Durairajan – cellestial E mobility founder said we target to sell 8000 (eight thousand) tractors in a year . there is a great future for these electronic tractors since the petro prices are skyrocketing and people are cautious about environment too. These tractors are cost effective too. The running cost of the Cellestial E-Mobility tractor is significantly lower than its diesel counterpart. The running cost of a conventional 21HP diesel tractor is roughly around Rs 150 per hour while for the Cellestial E-Mobility tractor it will be around Rs 20-35 per hours”. The electric tractor is equipped with advanced features like battery swapping, regenerative braking, power inversion, charging from residential AC outlet and fast charging.
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The cellestial E tractor can go up to 75 kms on a single charge. Once the charging is finished- the battery can be swaped immediatly and go another 75 kilometres. The tractor can go at the speed of 20 kilometres per an hour. the battery is fully recharged in 4 to 6 hours through single phase at house. In the factory in three phase set up the battery can be charged in 3 hours. Spare battery can be kept in the tractor and use it whenever its necessary. the cost of the tractor is just 5 lakh rupees. there is a huge market for these electric tractors… this particular start up wanted to sell 8 thousand E tractors in this year. These tractors will hit the markets within 6 months. This tractor is completely indigenoulsy deleveped.
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