With the increasing speed of the torrent of information in today’s age, the debris of misinformation hits perspectives and opinions harder than ever. It is imperative to be prudent about the information one consumes on social media because sometimes the brightest minds can have a bad influence with wrong knowledge.

Recently, an image was doing the rounds on Twitter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi bowing down with joined hands in front of Nita Ambani, the chairwoman of Reliance Foundation. Jawhar Sircar, a former civil servant, former CEO of Prasar Bharti, and former India’s Cultural Secretary, along with many other users, shared the photo with sarcastic and, in some cases, demeaning remarks.

The viral image was morphed and edited. The same image was shared last year with Priti Adani, wife of industrialist Gautam Adani in place of Nita Ambani. The original photo was taken in 2015. In reality, the woman with the Prime Minister is Deepika Mondol, Chief Functionary Officer of a Delhi-based NGO, Divyajoti Cultural Organization and Social Welfare Society (DCOWS).

Jawhar Sircar later deleted the tweet. It was shocking to see a person who has worked with some of the country’s top officials tweeting a morphed image without verifying the authenticity of the picture. Such acts are the reason why people need to be cautious of the media that they share since the ripples of fake news and misinformation have substantial harmful effects. Broken narratives have the ability to break nations.