Just a few months after Goa’s town and country planning minister Vijai Sardesai irked the sentiments of the domestic tourists by stating that they are the ‘scum on earth’, a recent video has gone viral on the social media which shows a former Goa tourism minister enjoying a car ride on the beach. In the video, ex-Goa Tourism Minister Mickky Pacheco was seen driving in his SUV on the famous beach of the state. The former minister was also seen running over a colourful parachute neatly laid on the beach in the coastal state. After from bringing a car on the beach, the former Goa minister reportedly misbehaved with the operator of the water sports at the beach.

The whole incident was being recorded by the water sport’s operator and was later shared on Facebook. The irritated water sports operator, Melroy Da Silva, later tracked the minister at a shack on south Goa’s Betalbatim beach. The beach is said to be almost 30 kilometre from Panjim. The matter was escalated after the water sports operator alleged that the former minister along with three of his friends tried to brutally assault him. The operator also claimed that he was even flipped off the by the former Goa minister.

Meanwhile, refuting the claims made by the water sports operator, Mickky Pacheco stated that he had gone to meet an ailing friend at the nearby Utorda beach village. He further denied the reports of assaulting Da Silva. Sharing the photos and video from the incident, Silva stated, “Mickky and his three companions tried to assault me. Mickky even tried to run his vehicle over me,” Da Silva said on his Facebook post. “In spite of kids and tourists on the beach, he drove rashly and headed forward.”

This video shows what kind of a person is Micky and his companion are. He does not care about others livelihood and…

Posted by Da Silva Melroy on Monday, 12 March 2018

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Talking to a news agency, Pacheco stated that he was driving to pick up an ill friend at Utorda. The former Goa minister said, “Ambulances cannot be driven on beaches. Anyway, if I have broken a law by driving on the beach, I am ready to pay the fine. Why should this man confront me and point a camera at me?” The video and photos shared by the sports operator, shows him sitting at shack. The former minister also stated that he would be filing a complaint against Da Silva. Earlier in 2015, the former Goa minister was also to six-month imprisonment for assaulting a junior engineer of the electricity department.

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