Indian politicians have been known to make headlines for their statements but in recent times, social media trolls have taken them on for making statements that have no scientific basis. The latest incident is Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb stating that the Internet existed during the Mahabharata and social media having a field day with it. Here’s a look at other times politicians have been trolled for their ‘scientific’ statements.

Mahabharata and the Internet

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb on April 18 stated, “India has been using Internet since ages. In Mahabharata, Sanjay was blind but he narrated what was happening in the battlefield to Dhritarashtra anyway. This was due to Internet and technology. The satellite also existed during that period.”

Theory of Evolution

This year Union Minister Satyapal Singh rubbished Darwin’s Theory of Evolution stating, “Darwin’s theory (of the evolution of humans) is scientifically wrong. It needs to change in the school and college curriculum. Since man was seen on Earth, he has always been a man. Nobody, including our ancestors, in written or oral, have said they saw an ape turning into a man. No books we have read or the tales told to us by our grandparents had such a mention.”

Thermocol saves water

In 2017, Tamil Nadu Minister Sellur K Raju gave people a novel idea that if thermocol sheets were used to cover water it would curb water loss due to evaporation. When he tried to float the thermocol on water, the wind blew them away.

Cows bless us with oxygen

Rajasthan education and Panchayati Raj minister Vasudev Devnani in 2017 told media that people need to understand that cows inhale and exhale oxygen and it had scientific significance.

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Homosexuality and genetics

“Out of the 165 countries of the world, which have independent sovereignty, 83 have criminalised homosexuality. That means half of the world. The bottom-line is, homosexuality is a genetic flaw and we cannot celebrate it. We cannot treat it as equal to normal behaviour,” stated Swamy a few months back. He went on to add homosexual relations are not a problem as long as “they don’t celebrate it, don’t flaunt it, don’t create gay bars.”

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