Following the softening of international oil rates, the reduction in fuel prices continued for the third consecutive day on Saturday with Indian Oil Corporation cutting rates of petrol by 14 paise and diesel by 7 paise. The new prices for petrol and diesel will be effective from Sunday, June 24, a report in said. Petrol in Delhi now costs Rs 75.79, according to the revised fuel rates shared by the Indian Oil Corporation. Not only in Delhi but in other states as well the petrol and diesel prices have seen a comparative downfall. According to the IOC website, the petrol prices in Kolkata now stand at Rs 78.47 while in Mumbai and Chennai, the recorded diesel prices are Rs 83.44 and Rs 78.65 respectively.

Going through the latest data, Delhi has the cheapest petrol prices among all the other states. As per reports, the petrol prices in the metro have seen a declination between 9 to 13 paise a litre. While Delhi and Kolkata registered a dip of 14 paise in petrol prices, for Mumbai and Chennai prices were declined by 17 paise and 15 paise respectively.

Coming to the diesel prices, a decline between 7 to 12 paise was recorded in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. The new diesel prices in the above-mentioned state are Rs 67.54, Rs 70.09, Rs 71.76 and Rs 71.29 respectively.

From last a few weeks, the petrol and diesel prices have been revised in a continuous manner. Varying from city to city, the fuel prices have been reduced between 39 to 57 paise.

Meanwhile, the Opposition has criticised the NDA government for not reducing the taxes on the petroleum products. The fuel prices in different states vary depending on  Vat or local taxes. While responding to Opposition’s demands, finance minister run Jaitley said that the country will be pushed to a debt trap if any cut in the excise duty of petrol and diesel prices will be sanctioned. 


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