Thursday, September 29, 2022

Fuel prices record high: Time to end oil price shock?

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Petrol and diesel prices were hiked for the second consecutive day across the country on Friday. Petrol prices increased by Rs 0.35 to Rs 105.14 per litre in the national capital while the price of diesel was raised by the same amount to Rs 93.87 per litre. In the financial capital of the country, Mumbai, the petrol prices were raised by Rs 0.34 to Rs 111.09 per litre and diesel by Rs 0.38 to Rs 101.78 per litre.

Petrol and diesel have been priced at Rs 105.76 per litre and Rs 96.98 per litre respectively in West Bengal’s Kolkata and Rs 98.26 per litre and Rs 102.40 per litre in Chennai respectively. Oil companies started raising auto fuel prices last week. The pause on the prices on October 12 and 13 came after a seven-day consecutive rise. Today, the prices were raised again for the second consecutive day after a two-day pause.

Slamming the BJP-led Centre over rising fuel prices in the country, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday had warned the Central Government that people will “end the misgovernance”. The Congress leader in a tweet today said, “The old folk tales told the story of greedy misgovernance who used to collect taxes indiscriminately. Earlier the people would have been unhappy but in the end, they were the people who used to end that misgovernance. In reality, the same will happen.”

His remarks came as petrol and diesel prices were hiked again across the country on Thursday after a pause of two days.


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