A startup from Chennai called Data Patterns has provided an instrument that is to be used in the Gaganyaan mission by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). In this mission, a spaceship crewed by Indian astronauts will be launched into space. The delivered equipment is a checkout system that is meant to carry out safety checks of the cable harness assemblies set up in the astronauts’ quarters known as the Crew Module.

A cable harness assembly refers to the wires and cables that run throughout an airplane or spacecraft, carrying data and electricity. This wiring can run across several kilometres at its full extent in the airplane or spacecraft. In order to protect these wires and cables from being harmed or severed, they are enclosed within a harness. This harness keeps its contents from being exposed and safeguards them from any damage.

The component produced by Data Patterns will scan the cable harness assembly for any malfunctions. These include the assembly’s continuity, isolation, insulation at high voltages, the capability of carrying electricity among other things. The component will greatly ensure the well-being of the Crew Module and the astronauts it will house.

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This is, however, just one of the countless considerations taken to guarantee the safety of the entire spacecraft, as even the most minuscule appearing things can risk the entire mission and the lives of the astronauts. This is nothing uncommon when it comes to space exploration and the scientists, technicians and engineers have to painstakingly remember and resolve each and every issue.

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