Hitting back at Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu’s statement that Imran Khan is his brother, Bharatiya Janata Party leader Gautam Gambhir has said Sidhu should first send his children to the borders and then call the “head of a terrorist state his big brother.” Speaking to ANI on Saturday, Gambhir said, “Navjot Singh Sidhu should send his children to the border. Had his children been in the army, would he have still called Imran Khan his big brother at the Kartarpur Sahib?” Gambhir said Sidhu does not comment on the killing of 40 civilians and soldiers in Kashmir in the last one month and goes against the people who want to protect India. “There cannot be a more shameful statement by Sidhu than this. He hugs the Pakistani Army Chief Bajwa, he goes to Kartarpur Sahib and calls Imran Khan his big brother. 40 civilians and soldiers have been killed in Kashmir in the last one month, but he does not comment on that. He goes against the people who want to protect India. When Capt. Amarinder Singh wants to protect India and talked about the country, he did not cooperate. What can be more shameful than this?” he said.

Gambhir further said, “It is easy to sit in the AC rooms or go to Kartarpur Sahib and speak. He should ask the families who have lost their sons on the borders. Whose responsibility is that? Have some shame. Politics is at its own place, but country comes first, not politics,” he said. He also said the country is understanding the kind of politics Sidhu is doing. “I hope the country is understanding what kind of politics he is doing. He speaks against Capt. Amarinder Singh and chief minister of Punjab Charanjit Channi, and the Prime Minister,” he said.

Asked about his statement that he does not care what the BJP says, Gambhir said the people do not care what he says and he goes to Pakistan whenever he gets the opportunity.