In what is said to be a major scientific breakthrough, researchers at Junagadh Agriculture University in Gujarat have claimed to found the cure of cancer. The biotechnology scientists said they have succeeded in their very first attempt to neutralise the cancer cells with the help of gaumutra. Following the tests, they said that cow urine has proved to be an important factor in killing cancer cells of various types. The test results proved it can cure mouth cancer, cervical cancer, kidney cancer, skin cancer and breast cancer. 

The team of scientists of Biotechnology included assistant professors Sharaddha Bhatt and Tomar. The team also had a researcher Kavita Joshi. The experiments to cure cancer have been underway from past one year. It has not been disclosed what organisms cancer cells were tested.

The scientist added that they will now be experimenting on a rat. After the test on rats yields the desired results, the scientists are pushing for oral pills for human consumption.

During experiments, the scientists were able to find the exact quantity of cow urine that is needed to kill a particular number of cancer cells in a day.

Talking to TOI, a researcher said that the tests which they had been underway for last one year had been extremely risky. The scientist added that they directly experimented on the ‘human’ cancer cells.  The following tests were conducted on cancer cells which were procured in a bottle.

One of the biggest reasons why cow urine may actually turn out to be a breakthrough in killing cancer cells is because chemotherapy kills healthy cells but cow urine only eliminates the cancer cells.

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