To spread the learning and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, Dr Ramanbhai Patel Foundation (RBP) founder Ms Tarina Patel, Belief foundation founder Dr Annurag Batra and The Sunday Guardian Foundation founder Mr Kartikeya Sharma joined hands and organised Gandhi Mandela Peace Initiative (GMPI 2019) at the Imperial Hotel in New Delhi. Speaking at the event, Ms Patel shared her vision and inspiration behind starting RBP foundation and why she started this Gandhi Mandela Peace Initiative.

Ms Patel said her father contributed in the field of medicine and tried his best to uplift the poor for four decades for which he is being praised even today in South Africa and India. “My father believed that health is the basic right of every human being and nobody should be deprived of it because of their weak economic conditions and that is the aim that I am taking forward with RBP foundation,” said Tarina.

Thanking her father for the inspiration for such a Nobel cause,  Tarina Patel said, “Till his last breath, he served the people and this was my inspiration to take his work ahead for the benefit of the weaker sections with RBP foundation. He passed away after courageously battling for his life at the age of 70, after which I took it upon me to continue what he left back. To uplift the underprivileged communities in India and South Africa, I have tied up with doctors in both countries who are a part of this noble initiative. I also closely work with IT companies to build medical machines which can be setup in rural areas where there is a shortage of doctors. These machines are health ATMs where people can get various kinds of check ups and tests.”

“There still is so much of hatred, discrimination and rigidness in the world and being a peace activist I take inspiration from these two iconic men who are my own to put an end to this. People need to be aware of the inequalities, especially to promote gender equality, a discourse is needed which will lead in to action,” she said.

She also said that the event was just the beginning and Gandhi Mandela Peace Initiative will go on for a long long time.

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