Thursday, September 29, 2022

Goa poll of polls: Modi factor set to prevail?

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Political stakes are high in Goa ahead of assembly elections, with political parties stepping up campaigning with its top brass in the last leg. The competition has particularly raked up with the entry of the Aam Aadmi Party in the fray, to join Bhartiya Janata Party, Indian National Congress and Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party and others. Ahead of the voting in Goa on February 14, the NewsX’s poll of polls survey have predicted Bhartiya Janata Party’s win.

Seat Share:

C-Voter has predicted that BJP is likely to lead in Goa with 19-23 seats, followed by AAP (5-9), Congress (4-8), MGP (2-6) and others (0-4). Jan Ki Baat has predicted 18-22 seats for BJP, 7-9 seats for AAP, 5-6 seats for Congress, 1-2 seats for MGP and 4-6 seats for others. P-Marq has predicted 16-20 seats for BJP, 9-13 seats for Congress, 4-8 seats for AAP, 1-5 seats for MGP and 1-3 seats for others. VETO has predicted 20-23 seats for BJP, 4-6 seats for Congress, 6-10 seats for AAP and 5-6 seats for others.

Design Box, on the other hand, has predicted a close competition between BJP and Congress. According to Design box, BJP is likely to win 15-19 seats, and Congress is predicted to win 14-18 seats. Meanwhile, 0-2 seats are likely to be retained by AAP, 3-5 seats by MGP and 1-3 by others. Meanwhile, India TV has predicted that Congress is likely to lead against BJP by securing 17-21 seats as against 14-18 seats. India TV has further predicted 0-2 seats for AAP, 2-4 seats for MGP and 0-1 seat for others.

Vote Share:

As per C-Voter, BJP is projected to lead with 32% vote share, followed by AAP (22%), Congress (19.8%), MGP (7.7%) and others (18.1%). Jan Ki Baat has predicted 37-40% vote share for BJP, 23-24% vote share for AAP, 19-20% vote share for Congress and 11-18% vote share for others. Design Box has estimated 31% vote share for BJP, 29% for Congress, 11% for AAP, 11% for MGP and 18% for others. P-Marq has predicted 30.5% vote share for BJP, 22.2% vote share for Congress, 17.4% vote share for AAP, 12.2% vote share for MGP and 17.7% vote share for others. Veto has predicted 32.64% vote share for BJP, 16.74% vote share for Congress, 24.85% for AAP, 7.74% for MGP and 18.03% for others. India TV has predicted 35% vote share for BJP, 31% for Congress, 10% for AAP, 12% for MGP and 12% for others.

Poll of polls has predicted 33.27% vote share for BJP, 23.04% for Congress, 18.12% for AAP, 10.12% for MGP and 15.45% for others.

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