In an embarrassing moment, search engine giant Google is continuing to show the Hindi word Bhikari for the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in search results. The Google image of PM Imran Khan search results which is appearing in Google India and Google USA Google also appears in Google Pakistan domain as well.

Reports said the results show the photograph of PM Imran Khan when somebody search beggar in the Google. Though it is not clear since when PM Imran Khan’s image showed in the search results for the Hindi word Bhikari.

Reports said the PM Imran Khan’s image first in the Google search had appeared in 2018. Sources said the latest news reports about this development came in last month this year.

The word Bhikari showcased the photos of Imran khan in different avatars. It also showed the national flag of Pakistan for the keyword toilet paper. The toilet paper controversy happened in February this year.

Google had reasoned that the news stories are published, images for the same are ranking for this keyword. The pages contain words relevant to the search.

In 2018, Google CEO Sundar Pichai was asked to explain why a google search for idiot turned up images of US President Donald Trump. Pichai later explained to Congress how Google’s search algorithm worked. He said the algorithm collates data from millions of web pages collected and stored by Google to generate results for a term that is searched on its engine. In 2000, search miserable failure showed results of former US president George W Bush. 

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