Days after the Greater Noida double murder case had surfaced, a CCTV footage has now emerged showing the accused boy in the case. On December 5, a 42-year-old mother and her 10-year-old daughter were found dead at their Gaur City flat in Greater Noida on late Tuesday night. While the mother (Anjali Aggarwal) and her daughter were found murdered in their flat, Anjali’s 15-year-old son was found missing from the flat. Following the incident, it was speculated that their could be an involvement of her son in this murder case. However, going by the preliminary investigation, the police said that though its not sure but missing boy’s involvement can’t be ruled out at the moment.   

However, now when a CCTV footage has emerged showing the boy, who might be the accused in this case. According to reports, the boy was addicted to a video game. He was absconding and is being considered as the main suspect in double murder of mother and sister. Meanwhile, as per media reports, missing boy’s grandfather has rejected the theory that his grandson may have been involved in this murder case. Missing boy’s grandfather also mentioned that he was worried for his safety and wanted the police to locate him as he might be under somebody’s influence. 

Greater Noida double murder case had surfaced after Anjali’s husband, who had gone to Surat on December 3 for some business purpose found that her wife was not picking up his calls, even when he tried repeatedly. Concerned about her family members, Soumya Aggarwal then called his neighbours and one of his friend who rushed to his flat. The neighbours and Soumya’s friend after finding out that the flat was locked from inside informed the police and it was only after that it was found out that her wife and daughter were dead.