Sunday, October 2, 2022

Green Hydrogen production push: Hydrogen mission a gamechanger?

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With an aim to make India a hub for production and export of green hydrogen, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday announced a National Hydrogen Mission in his Independence Day address to the nation. Pledging to make India energy independent before completing 100 years of independence, he revealed that since India is not energy independent, it spends over Rs 12 lakh crores every year for energy requirements.

“Whatever work India is doing today, the biggest goal, which is going to give India a quantum jump, is the field of Green Hydrogen. I am announcing the National Hydrogen Mission today in the light of the tricolor,” he said.

He further added that the Centre will ensure that fertilizer plants purchase green hydrogen so that the nation’s dependence on fossil fuels can be cut. A draft cabinet note has also been passed for the same. PM also stated that India will run world’s largest clean energy programme.

The move to launch a National Hydrogen Mission comes at a time when the oil imports at at 85%, gas demand is at 53%, the annual expenditure on energy is at Rs 12 trillion, domestic crude and oil production is at 5.22%, Gas production is at 8.06%. Meanwhile, the petrol and diesel prices have peaked to Rs 107.83 and Rs 97.45 per litre respectively.

Green Hydrogen can prove to be a game changer for the country as it is produced by splitting water and using electricity generated from low carbon sources. The global hydrogen market is valued at $150 Billion as of 2020 and is used for hydrogen vehicles, cooking & heating and production of natural gas.

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