In shocking incident being reported from Vadodara, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) corporator was brutally thrashed by local women over an encroachment drive in Gujarat. The BJP corporator was later identified as Hasmukh Patel. The matter was highlighted after the video of him being thrashed went viral on social media.

According to the videos, the BJP corporator was tied to tree and was given a few harsh blows. The accused BJP corportor belongs to ward number 5, Vadodara. The matter took place after the women, agitated over the encroachment drive, cornered the BJP corporator and tied him to a tree.

According to reports, local residents were angry with Vadodara city council’s demolition work near a local lake.

Around 5 months ago, following the encroachment drive, more than 60 houses were gutted and since then the people have been living in deplorable conditions.

The agitated mob then questioned the corporator about who had given him the permission to destroy their houses and leave them stranded. After being reportedly questioned and being blamed for their losses, the BJP corporator claimed that he had no role in the encroachment drive but it was done by the concerned authorities.

As per reports, after the police were alerted about the situation, they came to BJP corporator’s rescue. It was only after the arrival of the police that the agitated mob untied him.

The matter has been registered and the investigations are underway, a police official said.

This is not the first time that BJP’s Hasmukh Patel has been accused of misconduct, previously on August 15, the BJP leader was questioned after a video of Patel disrespecting the tri-color went viral on social media.

According to media reports, Hasmukh Patel, after completing the ‘tiranga yatra’, threw the flag on the road and went to his car. The matter was highlighted as many claimed that the party which claims to be the most patriotic one is disrespecting the national flag.