Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Gujarat: Drugs worth Rs 280 crore recovered in Jakhau, Kutch, and nine Pakistani crew members seized

The Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) and the Indian Coast Guard intercepted a boat from Pakistan near Gujarat on the Indian side of the Arabian Sea with a load of heroin worth Rs 280 crores on Monday.

“In a joint operation with Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) Gujarat, the India Coast Guard ships apprehended a Pakistani boat ‘Al Haj’ with 9 crew on the Indian side of the Arabian sea carrying heroin worth approx Rs 280 crores. Boat being brought to Jakhau for further investigation,” quoted DGP Ashish Bhatia.

ATS officer Deputy Superintendent of Police Bhavesh Rojia had received intelligence that a Pakistan-based drug syndicate known as Mustafa was planning to smuggle heroin from a Pakistani port to North India via the Gujarat coast, according to Bhatia. ATS and high-ranking Coast Guard personnel rushed into action as a result of the intelligence.

Following the capture of the boat, ATS and coast guard personnel went on board to conduct a search. The boat had nine Pakistanis, all of whom appeared to be fishermen, as well as 56 packets (about 56 kilogrammes) of heroin valued 280 crores.

As a result, ATS filed a FIR, and all nine Pakistani sailors were apprehended. Following that, action was initiated to seize the yacht as well as the heroin. ATS and NCB conducted additional investigations into the seized boat and sailors, as well as the seized heroin. ATS and NCB have created and despatched separate teams to undertake raids in several locations in North India and other states as part of the inquiry.

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