The bugle of campaigning ahead of Gujarat polls has been rung with Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing multiple public rallies in Gujarat on Monday. The state, which has been ruled by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for past 22 years, is set to go for the first set of polling on December 9. PM Modi will be addressing more than 30 rallies in the state before the election. PM Modi started his poll campaign from BJP’s stronghold Bhuj and will be addressing more rallies in Jasden, Amreli and Kamrej later in the day.

During the Bhuj rally, PM Modi said BJP did not want to win Gujarat to be in power, but to serve the state. Mr Modi also replied to Congress’ repeated attacks on NDA govt for demonetisation and said he wanted to make it clear that he would not allow looting of the poor in the country. PM Modi added that he was totally fine with the mud being thrown at him by the Opposition as lotus blooms only in mud.

Here are the top ten quotes from PM Modi’s Bhuj rally:

“We are not here for power, we are here for 125 crore Indians. We want to take India to new heights of glory.

“Congress is unhappy about demonetisation. They keep attacking me but I want to tell them, I have grown up in the same land as Sardar Patel. I will ensure that the poor get their due. We will not allow this nation to be looted.”

“Gujarat is my Aatma, Bharat is my Parmatma.’ This land of Gujarat has cared for me, Gujarat has given me strength.”

“India was attacked on 26/11 and in Uri. You can see how India responded in wake of both attacks. This explains the difference between their government and ours. Indian Express reported that on that side, dead bodies were taken in trucks so at least you (Cong) don’t lie”

“Officers did not want to get posted to Kutch region as the water here was black in colour. Congress did not allow Narmada water to come to Kutch region. What if the Narmada waters had come to Kutch 30 years earlier? It would have made such a big difference.”

“I am grateful for all the ‘kichad’ being thrown at me, after all, a lotus blooms only in ‘kichad’ so, I don’t mind if more is thrown at me.”

“Gujarat is my soul and mother, my relationship with you is that of equality since you call me brother.”

“Congress had insulted Sardar Patel, people of Gujarat still forgave them but they will no longer tolerate any attack on their prestige.”

“When big earthquakes take place people say see this building has fallen, but in Kutch people say this school, this hospital, these buildings were made after the earthquake. All this was done on the war footing by the army of Kutch which consists of its people.”

“I was asked why don’t you name Nehru in your speeches, So I asked Congress leaders to give me in writing the names of their own party presidents, but they don’t remember the ones like Bose & Kamraj, when they don’t remember names of their own how’ll they understand Gujarat.”

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