Friday, September 30, 2022

Major reshuffle in Gujarat cabinet before polls, Rajendra Trivedi stripped off Revenue dept

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Gujarat state government conducted a significant cabinet reorganisation on Saturday night with just a few months until the Assembly elections in Gujarat.

Purnesh Modi was given the Road and Building Ministry, while Rajendra Trivedi was given the Revenue Department. Bhupendra Patel, current chief minister, will now hold both ministries. Trivedi will continue to oversee the departments of Law and Justice, Disaster Management, Legislative Affairs, and Parliamentary Affairs, while Purnesh Modi will oversee the ministries of Transportation, Civil Aviation, Tourism, and Pilgrimage Development.

Harsh Rameshkumar Sanghavi has been appointed Minister of State (MoS) for the Revenue Ministry, and Jagdish Ishwar Panchal has been appointed Minister of State for the Road and Building Ministry (MoS).

It is pertinent to note that Rajendra Trivedi, who was fired from the revenue department, is regarded as the second-highest ranking official in Gujarat. Following Bhupendra Patel in taking the oath of office as chief minister, Trivedi did the same.

Trivedi performed unexpected inspections of numerous agency offices while serving as the Revenue Minister. His sporadic inspections kept him in the news.

One of the 10 Cabinet Ministers of the Bhupendra Patel administration is Purnesh Modi, as is Rajendra Trivedi. Following the top BJP leadership’s request for resignation of the entire Gujarat cabinet in September of last year, Patel took over as chief minister from Vijay Rupani.

Meanwhile, Gujarat will hold elections for its legislature in December.

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