In yet another incident of a school imposing a diktat on children, a private school in Bharuch, Gujarat on Tuesday day issued a new rule which effectively barred the female students wearing mehndi on their hands from attending classes. The school’s diktat has not gone down with the parents of the students and a local Hindu outfit has already staged a protest against the school.

The new diktat was triggered after several girl students came to the school wearing mehndi due to the occasion of aluna vrat. The teachers in Queen of Angels school, which is run by a Christian trust, dismissed those students from the class and asked them to come back to attend the classes when the mehndi has completely disappeared from their hands.

It did not just stop there as the frowning teachers made the students stand outside the classroom for three hours as a punishment for wearing mehndi.

Angered at the horrible treatment of their children, the parents staged protests outside the school premises. According to reports, several members of a local Hindu outfit gathered outside the school and chanted Hanuman Chalisa and shouted slogans against the school administration.

While speaking to TOI, Bharuch MLA, Dushyant Patel said, “There was no responsible person at the school when we visited it on Wednesday. The school has accepted their fault verbally, but they are not giving it in writing. I have sent a written complaint to the education minister for taking strict action against the school management for giving such unruly fatwa.”

As the situation slowly began to grow out of hand, the school administration issued an apology for the diktat. Sister Shila, a senior staff of Queen of Angels school, explained, “This type of incident will not be repeated. We celebrate all festivals. We don’t discriminate against students on the basis of their religion. This rule has been followed in our school from the beginning. We haven’t suspended anyone.”

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