In another shocker, a female teacher, who teaches in a private school in Gurugram, has been suspended for trying to put sellotape on the mouth of two pre-nursery children to keep them quiet. In her defense, the teacher said that the two students were making noise due to which the class was getting disturbed. The incident had taken place back in October and surfaced after a video showing teacher putting sellotape on the mouth of the two kids went viral on social media. Upon knowing the incident, the parents of the students approached the school and complained about the teacher’s actions to the principal following which she was suspended. Among the two students, one was a boy and another was a girl.

Speaking on the incident, the principal of the school said that on the basis of a complaint by the parents of the students, they have taken a strict action and the said teacher has been suspended. The teacher though had said that the two students were continuously disturbing the class and had often used inappropriate language.

Such type of incidents has become common in schools where teachers’ cross their limits and punish small kids for something which they do not deserve. Earlier in the day, in another such incident, a teacher in Uttar Pradesh asked a student to clean her vehicle as a punishment. According to reports, the accused primary school teacher who teaches in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur district’s Khapharwa school was suspended after it was found that she made the student to clean her car.

In this incident also, it surfaced after a video of it went viral on social media. After the incident video went viral on social media, the school authorities got aware about it following which the teacher was suspended. 

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