On the eve of Teachers’ Day 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with teachers who have been conferred the National Award. In order to highlight their role in imparting education and bringing a positive change in the society, PM Modi took to Twitter and highlighted the contribution of all those teachers who have tried to utilise their ability and helped students in their lives to fulfil their dreams by training them in their respective fields. 

Here is the list of all the teachers who have been conferred with the National Award on the eve of Teachers’ Day: 

Murugan: A mathematics and science teacher in Nagaland. Through his innovative approach, has helped students develop keen interest in these subjects. His efforts to organise the District Science Congress and teacher training workshops are highly appreciable.

Motilal Koirala: His efforts towards enhancing academic level through the use of IT are commendable. As the Principal of his school, his extensive outreach to parents and guardians are appreciable and augurs well for the students.  

Meka Susatya Rekha: A teacher of Mathematics and Science in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, has successfully ensured that students find classroom interactions absorbing. She has worked on the creation and dissemination of e-content.

Manu Gulati: Teaching is about educating students, and mentoring other teachers too. Manu Gulati is a shining beacon in this. She has also developed innovative methods of teaching through technology, music and dance.

Manju Balasubramanyam: She heads the DPS in Bengaluru. Her work towards increasing diversity and focussing in opportunity as well as inclusion for Divyang children are commendable.

Mamta Awasthy: Starting from basics, Mamta Awasthy from Sikkim developed innovative teaching practices at the primary school level. She also compiled her best practices, which are being disseminated and helping several other youngsters study.

Shivakumar: “It was great to know that using technology, he has simplified Mathematical queries for his students. Many of his classroom videos are available on the internet and are widely appreciated,” PM Modi said.

Lutni Perme: As the Headmaster of a school in Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh, Lutni Perme has not only helped the school improve its academic performance but has also laid emphasis on holistic education through gardening, sports and other activities.

Kirandeep Singh: He teaches in Ludhiana, has done excellent work in popularising Mathematics among youngsters. He has set up a Maths hub, maths park, created interesting modules…all so that students enjoy the subject and excel in it.

Khangembam Indrakumar Singh: He hails from Manipur, worked hard to spread the message of the importance of primary education. He has also worked on special residential programmes to help students pick up key concepts.

Karma Chomu Bhutia: Heading a school in North Sikkim, Karma Chomu Bhutia devoted attention to every aspect of education ranging from enrolment, proper mid-day meals, using technology and new learning methods.

Jayanthi Sheshadri: She has shown tremendous passion towards improving rural education. She has created innovative modules and conducted workshops to spread the joys of learning.

Ishwari Kumar Sinha: He has made science teaching more meaningful and effective through use of experiments and through field activities. He has also been devoting out of school hours for supporting children with learning difficulties.

Mohammad Imran Khan Mewati: “I appreciate him for developing educational e-content including videos, website and even Mobile Apps. His Apps cover a range of subjects at primary and secondary level as well as for competitive examinations. Congrats to him,” said PM Modi.

Hydros CK: “Generations of students will thank Hydros CK based in Wayanad, Kerala for his determined focus on learning outcomes. He gave students innovative projects on areas such as robotics, which contributed to the building of a scientific temper among young minds. Proud of him,” PM Modi said.

Harinder Singh Grewal: He is an example of how teachers can master technology and benefit students. His innovative use of technology for teaching and experiments on learning aids are laudable. 

GS Zaithantluanga: Along with developing a scientific temper among students, he is helping students excel in cultural competitions. He has initiated the adoption of vocational education and skill training in the school too. 

Dr Gopal: He is the Principal of a school in Bihar’s Sitamarhi. His work on environmental conservation is outstanding. He has also worked hard to improve literacy rates in his district and always inspires students to study harder so that they can fight poverty.

Geeta Gangwani: Even though she heads a school in Delhi’s Rohini, Geeta Gangwani continues to teach Chemistry and has developed innovative methods to make the subject more popular. As an administrator, her emphasis on IT has benefitted the school greatly. 

B S Ravi: Encouraging group discussions in classrooms, ensuring regular use of science and computer labs in teaching, and improving school infrastructure are some of the laudable things BS Ravi has done in his school in Gadwal, Telangana.

Basruddin Khan: A headmaster who has played a key role in promoting the education of girls. He has also made a significant contribution towards identification and enrolment of out-of-school children.

Bandari Ramesh: He has worked on innovative teaching methods for mathematics. As a prolific developer of teaching-learning material, he has helped ensure excellent results in his school. I wish him all the best for continuing his good work.

Pari Baldevpari Javerpari: Hailing from Gujarat, he makes learning mathematics enjoyable for students. He has developed several Mobile Apps that help students learn the subject. His classroom videos are also widely watched. 

Arvind Raj Jajware: He has made a significant contribution in enhancing enrolment and attendance in his school in Jharkhand. He also shares best practices of teaching with others.

Amitava Misra: The transformation he has brought about in his school by mobilising people is remarkable. Glad to know that he even teaches students from marginalized communities during out of school hours and holidays.