Sunday, September 25, 2022

11-year-old boy found dead in Haryana’s madrassa, family suspects murder

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Shah Chokha, a hamlet in Punhana subdivision of Haryana’s Nuh on Monday, reported the discovery of the body of an 11-year-old pupil who had been attending a madrasa close to the Mazar of Pir Dada Shah Chaukha.

Forensic Science Laboratory Division (FSL) team arrived at the scene, according to the police, and looked into the occurrence. The event has been reported to the authorities as a murder after the deceased’s relatives suspected foul play.

“We arrived here after learning that a dead corpse had been discovered at the madrasa. The FSL team has been contacted, and we are looking into the situation.

According to the deceased’s family’s complaint, a murder investigation has been opened, and the body has been taken to the Al-Afia Hospital in Mandikheda for a post-mortem, according to ASP Usha Kundu on Monday.

According to reports, the dead youngster had been attending the madrasa for about a year.

The student’s family wanted action against the murder suspect since they suspected murder.

He had been attending this madrasa for a year when he was 11 years old. My nephew had reportedly left the madrasa but had not returned home, so I was informed. He was nowhere to be found despite our efforts. This is homicide. The deceased’s relatives stated, “We demand that action be made in this.

The child attended the evening prayers, but vanished during attendance, according to Maulana Zakir, the director of the Islamic Madrasa Dargah Shah Chaukha.

He said that the kid was discovered in a mosque room, buried beneath a crusher.

Director of the Islamic Madrasa Dargah Shah Chaukha, Molana Zakir, stated, “For about a year, the 11-year-old was enrolled in this programme. Here, he learned Arabic and Urdu. He was there during the prayers on Saturday night. However, he was not there when the attendance was taken at 7 o’clock. Everybody searched for him. We alerted the family when we were unable to locate him. He was investigated in the adjacent mosques and villages.”

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