United Kingdom’s Union Health Ministry on Monday called for an urgent meeting of its joint monitoring group to address the new Coronavirus strain. The UK has seen a rise in Coronavirus spread after the emergence of a mutated variant of the virus.

United Kingdom’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock on Sunday said that the government had imposed a strict Christmas lockdown in London and Southeast England as the new strain of Coronavirus was ‘out of control. He further issued a warning saying that several strict Covid-19 protocols were likely to stay until the vaccine was completely rolled out.

The United Kindom government has issued a ‘stay at home’ order, has banned family gatherings on Christmas and has shut down non-essential shops.  Health Secretary Hancock said that they acted quickly and decisively, the new Coronavirus strain was out of control and they had to get it under control.

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Many European countries have banned flights and trains from the United Kingdom citing the spread of the virus. The Netherlands issued a ban on flights from the United Kingdom for the rest of the year. Belgium has banned flights from the UK for 24 hours and has halted trains to Britain. Other countries like Italy and Austria are also expected to halt flights from the UK but have not given out the details yet. The Indian government has also decided to suspend all flights that originate from UK to India till 31st December, this suspension will start from 22nd December itself.

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