Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday visited poll-bound Himachal Pradesh as part of his poll campaign and to cement the chances for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to win in the forthcoming Assembly Elections which will be held on November 9. Hitting out at the Congress party in Kangra, which is running the current government in the state, PM Modi said that Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister is embroiled in corruption yet Congress in manifesto says there will be zero tolerance for corruption. Even a child won’t believe it. Further trying to connect with the people of Himachal Pradesh, PM Modi said he has worked extensively in Himachal Pradesh and is very familiar with all cities and know each and every street.

10 key point from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Kangra speech in Himachal Pradesh

  1. The ones who have looted Himachal Pradesh, the people of the state has the opportunity to say them goodbye is on November 8.
  2. There are five monsters in Himachal Pradesh which we need to get rid off. Those are mining mafia, forest mafia, drug mafia, tender mafia and transfer mafia.
  3. Congress has now become a laughing club, they need to introspect why people are turning away from them across the country.
  4. PM Modi raised Congress senior leader P Chidambaram’s Kashmir ‘azadi’ remark and asked people that did the Congress party has the right to insult India’s Bravehearts.
  5. The country is aware how the Doklam issue was dealt with, but the Congress even questioned that.
  6. Someone born in a family which has ruled for decades doesn’t believe his own Army and agencies? Meets China’s envoy and asks about Doklam.
  7. Instead of asking Indian diplomats and foreign ministry, you go and ask Chinese envoy. Sorry to say but this shows lack of primary understanding.
  8. Hitting out the Congress party, PM Modi said the people of Himachal Pradesh will not forgive those with wrong intentions.
  9. Amazed to see peoples’ response, PM Modi thanked the people of Himachal Pradesh to bless him and his party for attending his rally.
  10. Congress is left with nothing; whenever people are getting the chance they are voting them out of power. 

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