SriLankan Member of Parliament AS Yogeshwaran on Wednesday raised the issue of mutual cooperation between India and Sri Lanka and pressed for the operation of free Ship service for poor pilgrims of both countries. During his address on the topic India Sri Lanka Friendship and Geo-Politics, he said that the SriLankan government was eagerly waiting for the response of the Indian government to commence the services. He claimed that the cheaper ship service for poor pilgrims would definitely open up a new chapter in India SriLanka cooperation and friendship.

He also raised the issue of genocide under the garb of elimination of LTTE and appealed the Indian government to safeguard the rights of affected people. He also applauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his humane approach towards Tamilians in SriLanka and donating 27000 houses for afflicted people in Jaffna. While praising India’s effort to provide justice to civilian victims of the war crime, Yogeshwaran said that a lot remains to be done yet.

Dr MK Sachchinathan, who has served for a long period in the United Nations, emphasised that the Indian government should take proper care of the situation in SriLanka and take serious note as well as create pressure on present incumbent for long-lasting peace and stability in the Indian subcontinent. He also appealed for fair and sympathetic treatment with Tamil political prisoners who are in jails of both countries.
Meanwhile, Indian Hindu leader Arjun Sampat noted the struggle of Indian fishermen who are victims of SriLankan navy. He said that a large part of Indian Ocean under SriLanka was given on lease to other countries ignoring Indian interests is of great concern from the Indian perspective, adding that such steps of Srilankan government will have negative implications on mutual relations.
Convener of this discussion and vice president of Hindu Struggle Committee Diksha Kaushik raised the issue of Kachchativu Island wherein the SriLankan government is ignoring the treaty signed between the two countries and hampering Indian interests.
This programme was presided over by Devendra Diwan who raised his concerns about South Indian Jihadi elements using SriLankan soil for anti-Indian activities.
Hindu Struggle Committee president Arun Upadhaya raised the issue of fast demographic changes of various religious communities as a result of conversion creating imbalances. He said, “Such situations are being created by Christian missionaries and Wahhabis Islamic groups using all sorts of methods among poor SriLankan populace. He urged the SriLankan government to take speedy action against such forces otherwise it will seriously affect Indian subcontinent”.

Former Rajya Sabha MP and former editor of Panchjanya Tarun Vijay welcomed the initiative of Hindu Struggle Committee for raising so many issues of mutual concern and of public interest. “A strong and stable relations between India and SriLanka will have a positive impact on Geo-political arena of South Asia,” he said.

“All such issues will be brought into the notice of Sangh, BJP and the present government so that a stable cultural and economic interaction takes place between the two countries for a better mutual regional cooperation,” he added.

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