The Uttar Pradesh administration has started a drive to remove illegal loudspeakers from religious places across the state. According to a TOI report, more than 700 illegal loudspeakers have been brought down within 48 hours of the drive. Moreover, as per the report, the sound level of more than 21,000 loudspeakers has been brought down to the prescribed level.

The action by the state police comes just days after UP CM Yogi Adityanath said that no religious processions will be taken out without permission in the state and that noise from loudspeakers should not cause inconvenience to the public.

Yogesh Kumar, ACP Kaiserbagh, Lucknow was quoted as saying by ANI, “Following the order of court & govt, information is being given to everyone regarding noise pollution. This information is being given to all temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churches and marriage halls. People are following the guidelines.”

At several places, loudspeakers were voluntarily brought down by people after appeals were made by the administration. 683 loudspeakers were taken down in the Sitapur district, whereas, the volume of 395 loudspeakers was lowered as per the parameters, as per a press note.