A horrendous and horrific incident was reported from Hyderabad which can shake one’s soul. A father scarred his own daughter with a hot spoon as the child had wet her bed. The same punishment was inflicted on the child by the monstrous father twice on January 1. The man who inflicted atrocity on the little girl has been identified as P Raju, who is a cab driver by profession. According to reports in India Today, a Hyderabad-based NGO took the plight of the little girl to the police and then a complaint was registered against the accused.

“The little girl Vishnovoi was branded by her father Raju at multiple places of her body,” President of Child Rights Organisation Bala Hakkula Sangham, Achyut Tao was quoted as saying by India Today. Later the girl was immediately rushed to the hospital by the police, where she is undergoing treatment. The NGO has also asked the police to book the father of the child under relevant sections. “We immediately informed this to DCP north zone and inspector Tukaram Gate and asked for the shifting of the child to a hospital for treatment. We have also demanded the arrest of the accused father,” Tao was quoted as saying.

Similar incident: A 4-year-old girl was made to sit on a hot frying pan by her mother and stepfather. The bizarre incident of the crime against children came to light from Hyderabad. According to reports, the mother of the child and her second husband wanted to get rid of the child and therefore they made the child sit on a hot frying pan. A case was registered in the matter and police have arrested both the accused in the case. The accused have been identified as Lalitha M and Y Prakash.

The initial investigation of the police found that both the accused are 25-year-old. The woman works as a cook in a hostel and the man is the watchman in the same hostel in SR Nagar of Hyderabad. Earlier, the couple had also tried to get rid of the child; they took her to an integrated support centre for women and children and claimed to the authorities that they have found her on a roadside abandoned. Later during the investigation by the officials of the support centre, it was found that the story told by the couple was untrue and the 4-year-old was their own daughter and they have been torturing the child.

A complaint was later filed against the couple and then acting on the same the duo was arrested.

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