Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hyderabad Rape Case: Cops find evidence despite car being washed

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Despite the accused’s repeated efforts to clear up any conceivable evidence, the Hyderabad police have stated that the accused have left ample evidence.

The car in which the girl was abused had been cleaned in an attempt to erase the evidence, it was revealed. The forensic team, on the other hand, was able to unearth numerous pieces of evidence that support the sexual assault.

The police statement also reveals some of the evidence discovered, including tissues and an earring belonging to the 17-year-old. In previous investigations, it was also discovered that three of the five accused are adolescents from powerful political families.

Earlier on May 28, girl had gone to the party with a friend who had to depart early due to an emergency. She then caught up with the group that had abused her that evening inside an Innova car.

This case involves adolescents from prominent political families, and it has once again exposed the critical issue of women’s protection in the country.

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