After the implementation of new Moter Vehicle Act, hefty fines have been slapped to those who don’t obey the traffic rules or violate them by the traffic police. Many incidents of challans have been reported from across the country after riders were caught violating traffic norms. People and state governments have been divided on whether the government’s latest step to control the number of accidents is right or wrong. But the scenario in Telangana’s Hyderabad is totally different. Here, the traffic police cops standing on roads of the city were not punishing people for driving without helmets instead they gifted helmets to motor riders stating: they care about citizens’ life and safety.

Greater Hyderabad’s Rachakonda Police Commissionerate Divya Charan Rao launched this innovative awareness campaign to tell motorists about the importance of wearing helmets and to strengthen the bond between the police and public. With this initiative, the motorists would understand their mistake, carry documents, and follow the traffic rules, said a police officer.

Riders who were caught without documents like pollution or insurance were assisted to get it online on the spot. While people who were found without driving license, the cops police booked appointments with the Road Transport Authority (RTA) for them.

Along with citizens, Telangana Minister KT Rama Rao lauded Hyderabad traffic police’s innovative move to aware people of traffic rules and help citizens getting proper documents.

Another awareness campaign was run by the Haryana Traffic Police to tell people about the new fines under the moter vehicle act 2019, 15 days prior to the implementation of hefty fines.

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