A  software company manager, Ramu Dospati, has become a crusader against the usage of plastic and he is giving saplings for plastics bags and creating awareness among the public against plastic in Hyderabad. The 38-year-old has gained huge popularity for his work on social media. With an aim to address the plastic menace in the cyber city, Dospati organizes awareness camps to make people understand about harms of single-use plastic bags.

Ramu Dospati is a resident of LB Nagar and his goal is to make Hyderabad, a plastic-free city. He has been conducting initiatives like tiffin box (bring tiffin box for buying chicken) challenge Bhoomi Bachao (save earth) and exchange of saplings with plastic bags. Ramu Dosapati started this challenge in April 2017. He urges meat buyers to carry tiffin boxes instead of taking a plastic bag for getting non-veg to their home since those bags are used for 5 minutes and thrown away. he reduced one crore plastic bags usage in his area by convincing people. the shop keepers and customers too are supporting his campaign. there was a tremendous response to his ideas.

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Ramu Dosapati, an anti-plastic fighter told NewsX that he spares some money to creating awareness. He said he requested his local LB Nagar weekly fair merchants not to supply plastic covers for vegetables and convinced the locals to bring bags instead. Both the merchants and the shop keepers agreed to his request and they saved around one crore plastic bags annually, he added. Later, he started an initiative to give a small plant in exchange for five plastic bags, to spread awareness among the public. He said received a tremendous response and it gives him a sense of satisfaction.

Dospati told NewsX that he gives the plastic bags to Greater Hyderabad municipal corporation for recycling, bring plastic and take saplings is the name of the campaign. The government data shows about 2 crore plastic bags are used within the limits of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and he is only trying to make an effort to deal with the problem.

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