Taking the cognizance of a ragging incident, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Kanpur suspended around 22 students on Monday. The suspended students were of second-year, perusing B.Tech course. The suspension came in for a period of ragging from one to three years. Out of the 22 students suspended, 16 have been suspended for three years and the other 6 students have been suspended for a year.

The suspension also puts a halt on the studies of the students, as it givers permission of resuming the studies only after the suspension expires. According to repo0rts, the announcement of the suspension of 22 students from IIT Kanpur was made in the presence of Director Professor Indranil Manna and deputy director Professor Manindra Agarwal. The suspensions were handed over to the students after the panel restrained themselves from filing police complaints as that would have put the career of the students in jeopardy.

The suspensions came in after the freshers, who had joined the University this year in July, filed a mass complaint against their seniors alleging that they were forced to strip naked. The freshers had filed a complaint in August.

Taking the cognizance of the ragging complaint, the University formed a committee to probe the allegations. Later, during the investigations conducted by the probe committee it was found that the allegations levelled by the new students were true. The committee later recommended the suspension of the 22 students. According to reports, the suggestions by the probe committee were accepted by the IIT-K Senate in the meeting conducted on September 21 and 22, rewarding suspension to the accused.

The suspension also bars students from appealing mercy, and can do it only when the suspension ends. After the students are done with their suspensions, they will be given admission the course.

Commenting on the matter, IIT Kanpur’s Dy Director said that the suspension for the students came in as the charges against them, levelled by around 30 students, were extremely serious.