Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday provoked India for another war. Addressing the people of Pakistan on the eve of the country’s 73rd Independence Day, Imran said if this region goes to war, the world will be responsible. Taking the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)’s name, he also said this is a trial of the international institutes those are responsible for keeping world peace. Pakistan’s statement came a day after Poland, a UNSC permanent member which currently holds the presidency, made it clear that New Delhi and Islamabad should find a peaceful solution to Kashmir issue after Pakistan approached the country.

The Pakistan PM today visited Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir on Wednesday on the occasion of Independence Day to show solidarity with Kashmir and addressed the Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir Assembly. Anticipating a Blakot like attack, he said Hitler’s arrogance is no different from PM Modi and history has shown that Hitler was destroyed, Napoleon was also destroyed. Pakistan, that has attacked India thrice in the past and tasted defeat, now cries foul and requests third party intervention in Kashmir issue. The country, that is internationally known as the breeding ground of terrorism, preaches the gospel of peace and says the war is never the solution and it leads to multiple other conflicts.

Imran said the Pakistan Army has full knowledge that India has made a plan to carry out Blakot-like attack in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to shift the world’s focus away from Jammu and Kashmir. Taking Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name, Khan every brick will be countered with a stone if India dares to attack Pakistan.

He said Pakistan Army is prepared for any misadventure and the entire nation will fight alongside the military. Aggressive war is against Islam, but when Muslims have fought for the sake of freedom, they have defeated the biggest armies in the past, he added.

The Pakistan PM also mentioned that they need to inform the world of RSS’s ideology and how the Sangh’s ideology has undermined the Constitution of India. Khan went on to say the BJP government at the Centre has controlled the media and the Opposition leaders are speaking with fear.

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