In what could draw a sharp criticism from the Indian government, the newly elected government in Pakistan is preparing a proposal on Kashmir conflict, according to Imran Khan’s colleague in the government, Pakistan Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari. While speaking at a national channel, she said after its completion it will be circulated among all stakeholders. She further added that it will be prepared within a week. 

In his first speech after election results in Pakistan, Imran Khan had talked about Kashmir issue, saying that it a core issue of dispute between Indo-Pak relations. He added that he wants good relations with all neighbouring countries, including India. Imran Khan had further said that it will be beneficial for both countries to discuss all outstanding issues and increase trade. 

The biggest problem in both countries is poverty, so the two sides should come together. On August 18, Imran Khan took oath as 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan. The cricketer-turned-politician entered the politics 22 years ago. 

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