“Government has lost its way and the confidence of the voters,” claimed Yashwant Sinha. In an open letter written to BJP MPs on the Indian Express,  the party’s senior leader has cited his distress over the government’s failure to keep its promises made during the victory of the party in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. In the letter, Sinha wrote, despite tall claims of the government that we are world’s fastest growing economy, the economic situation is grim. He raised the issue of escalating number of non-performing assets in banks, distressed farmers, unemployment and failure of small businesses. Pointing at Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya, Sinha wrote, “The scamsters also manage to run away from the country somehow, as the government watches helplessly”.

In the wake of the Kathua and Unnao rape case, he said that the women have become unsafe today than ever before. He expressed his agony over the fact that besides strict action against the rapists, the government has become apologetic towards them. He also slammed the party as some of its members are also involved in heinous crimes. “The minorities are alienated. The worst is that the Scheduled Castes and Tribes, the weaker sections of our society, have been exposed to atrocities and inequities as never before and the guarantees given to them in the Constitution stand threatened,” he wrote.

He said that instead of having a strong foreign policy, it just consists of Prime Minister’s frequent foreign visits and hugging foreign dignitaries. Our foreign policy is devoid of substance and failed miserably even in our immediate neighbourhood, where China is trampling all over our interests, he said.

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He further made an appeal to senior leaders LK Advani and Manoharlal Joshi to take a stand in the national interest and ensure that the values they have made with such unparalleled sacrifices are upheld, protected and preserved for future generations and corrective steps are taken in time. Lastly, he urged people to pick up courage and speak up to save the democracy and country.

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