As per the Union Home Ministry, YouTuber Karl Rock had violated terms of his visa and hence has been blacklisted by India. He has been barred from entering India for a year over visa violations. Karl accused Indian government of blacklisting him without specifying a reason but MHA issued a statement today where they said that Karl has been blacklisted for doing business on tourist visa.

Karl also started an online petition to garner the support of his audience and build pressure on Indian authorities to allow him entry in India.

Rock is from New-Zealand and makes YouTube videos in Hindi and English on travel where he talks about safety measures while traveling, frauds & scams, suggests unique destinations to his viewers and he also makes videos where he expresses his love for India. He is married to Delhi’s Manisha Malik since 2019.

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After GOI blacklisted him, he posted a video on YouTube where he expressed that he left India in October 2020 to travel to Dubai and Pakistan, when he left through the New Delhi International Airport, they (Indian authorities) cancelled his Visa. He has been to every single state and union territory in India. He further said that they would not tell him why they were cancelling his visa. His video is titled, “Why I haven’t seen my wife in 269 days #Blacklisted”.

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