India and China have resolved the standoff in eastern Ladakh through delegation-level talks. The Indian patrolling party at the northern bank of Pangong lake was prevented by the Chinese soldiers as two-thirds of the lake from Tibet to Ladakh is guarded by China. It resulted in a standoff between the two sides and continued until delegations from both sides intervened in the matter.

According to sources, the matter was resolved via delegation intervention that de-escalated and disengaged the standoff which usually occurs due to varying perception of the Line of Actual Control (LAC). It is not the first time that such a situation occurred between India and China over a particular region with both the sides claiming their occupancy.

In 2017 also a video showing Indian and Chinese troops went viral in which the soldiers from either sides could be seen kicking and punching each other. It was Independence Day in India when the Chinese soldiers attempted to intrude into the Indian territory but were stopped from entering.

The same year in June the Indian soldiers also crossed the Sikkim border to prevent the construction of Chinese road near the Chicken’s Neck, a path that links India to north-eastern states. The soldiers from both the sides stubbornly patrolled there for two months and the episode was described as the worst standoff between the two countries. Both sides were reluctant to withdraw their forces from the occupied zone.

Interestingly, the latest standoff between the two armies escalated in the same area where the Doklam episode also surfaced. The Indian Army underlined that such incidents were part of its exercise along the LAC and could surface again.

On Wednesday, the Indian army had asserted that it will be conducting an exercise in Arunachal Pradesh in the month of October during which the Indian Army and Indian Air Force will be carrying out joint war games inside the Indian territory.

The stand-off has happened ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Chennai. The meeting is expected to focus on trade and LAC.

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